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1066 Country Walk

The 1066 Country Walk is a 31 mile walk from Pevensey Bay to Rye, through the Sussex countryside, as the name suggests it follows the route that William The Conqueror took from Pevensey to Battle and thence on to Rye. There are a number of route variations such as from Hastings to Doleham and the route can also be extended from the Pevensey Bay end of the route to the South Downs Way. Jason MaDonald’s blog includes an account of all the main variations and is worth a read if you are thinking of doing them all

The walk has had a considerable investment made on it during 2020 and 2021 including some sculptures and a general upgrade of the signage and associated furniture. I found the route to excellent in terms of its signage, the recent upgrade has been well thought out with easily visible markers and in any places where the path is unclear there is generally a sign to show the way, or it was possible to see one of the red markers in the distance or across a field. It had the best signage of any walk that I had had the pleasure of doing, certainly better than many parts of the London Loop or Capital Ring. I’d not totally rely on the signage so either take a map or have some digital assistance with you.

The walk itself is set in an attractive landscape, and is generally low level walking with a few hills though none of them too difficult. The route takes you through some lovely historical English villages such as Winchelsea and Battle and many farms. I actually did the walk from Rye to Pevensey Bay, which is the opposite way to which most people do it.

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