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Jay Walking

Folkestone to Eastbourne

I decided on a walk from Folkestone to Eastbourne after planning an extended walking trip for the summer of 2021, my idea was combine to the South Downs Way, the St Swithins Ways and then the North Downs Way as one walk starts as the other finishes. For some reason I thought I could make it a large circular walk by creating a walk from Folkestone to Eastbourne, it seems like quite a good idea when I thought of it but now I am not so sure. I could have just started the South Downs Way in Eastbourne and combined the walks which would have been just as good. A little bit of search found one other person who’d done the same walk though not as the same sequence ie one after the other.

My plan was to walk by various paths from Folkestone to Eastbourne, mainly following the Saxon Shore Way to Hasting and then to Eastbourne by either the 1066 Country Walk or along the coast. I won’t be sticking to any fixed route but varying it depending on time and inclination. I’d like to go to Winchelsea as part of the walk so that I can visit Spike Milligans grave but apart from that there is no fixed agenda. I also quite like the idea of following the 1066 Country Walk as it will take me to Battle, though I’ve been a few times.

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