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Jay Walking

LEJOG: Second Recovery Day In Lifton

After a good  night's sleep I woke up still feeling ill, my stomach problems were continuing and not getting any better.  I was able to eat some food but only in small amounts, managing some toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I decided that it was pointless paying for a  B&B when you can't eat the breakfast, especially when it is costing over £100 a day.  It made more sense to head home for a few days, recover and then return.  It would be a fairly easy journey home, buses to Exeter from outside the B&B, then a fast train to London, with good  connections it would take 5 or so hours.  I spent the day watching reruns on the TV and just relaxing, only heading out to buy a few small things to eat.

This will be the last post for a few days, I aim to be back walking in around 6 days, depending on how long my stomach takes to get better.  This delay will probably mean I won't be able to finish the walk this year unless I really get a move on.  However unforeseen events such as illness will put a proverbial spanner in the works so I am fairly relaxed about it.

UPDATE: I got home easily and my stomach problems cleared up quickly and I was feeling ready to go back however I have developed another problem in my right foot which makes it very painful to walk. I have no idea what set this pain off, it is really frustating and I have no choice but to rest and hope that it clears up.