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Gallery for North Downs Way: Borstal to Lenham

  • View of the Medway bridges for trains and cars
  • View over the Medway river to the chalk escarpment and the North Downs Way
  • Bridleway lined with hedgerows on the North Downs Way
  • Dump rubbished along side the bridleway, one of a few around here
  • The river Medway, the village of Wouldham and the chalk downs in the distance
  • Landscape looking south from Bluebell Hill
  • 3 large stones known as Kit Cody the remains of a Neolithic barrow
  • The White Horse Stone
  • Way marker giving the distance to Farnham as 79 miles or 127 km, Canterbury 34 miles or 55 km and Dover 46 miles or 74km
  • A muddy ploughed field at the top of the down
  • View over a chalk coombe to the village of Detling
  • View of Hollingbourne village from the North Downs Way
  • Sunshine at the end of the day after the rain
  • Sculpture of Brother Percival from the Canterbury Tales sitting on a bench
  • Footpath to the village of Lenham over a muddy field