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South Bucks Way

The South Bucks Way is a 37km or 23 mile walk starting at Coombe Hill in Buckinghamshire and finishing at or around Denham Lock on the Grand Union Canal, near the small town of Denham, Buckinghamshire which itself is near Uxbridge. The walk is marked on OS Maps with a logo comprised of a swan and the routes name and is generally on easy ground. There are very few hills and even those that exist are minor, the route is often in valley bottoms and is never really hard. The way-markers and signage is generally good but not comprehensive so a map or some digital assistance is required, I used the OS maps app which worked pretty well (technical issues aside).

Getting to the start or end of the walk is fairly easy, though there is no direct link to either, both require a little walking. To get to Coombe Hill the easiest way is to get to Wendover, which is well served by trains and buses and then follow the route of the Ridgeway to Coombe Hill. Getting to Denham Lock is again quite easy, first you need to get to Uxbridge which can be reached via either the Metropolitan or Piccadilly underground lines, though there are also a number of buses which can be taken. From Uxbridge the London Loop can be followed for a short distance to Denham Lock.

The route passes though or near a number of towns such as Great Missenden, Amersham and Gerrard Cross where there are train stations so the walk can be broken up in a number of smaller walks, if needed. It also means that you are never too far from places to get food and drink. I took advantage of these good train and rail links to break the walk up into 3 separate days, none of which were really hard, it would be easy enough to do it in two days or even one if you’re really fit but I was recovering from a bad foot and even two days might have proved too much.

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