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Jay Walking

Lejog: Gear list

I've brought most of this gear over the last few years, replacing some ancient kit that I had or adding things that I didn't. There are many approaches as to what you should carry, a lot of people carry light weight meths stoves or don't even carry a stove but this approach was not for me. There are lots way of saving weight, but super light tents and sleeping bags carry a super high cost, and I've gone for a balance of cost vs weight and am generally happy with the kit I have brought.

I have probably gone over board on certain things such as a tablet for mapping, but I prefer the larger screen when compared to using a phone. Also, I am intending to use it to take photos and update this site, which would be hard to do using a mobile. The downside to using a tablet is that it used a lot of power, so re-charging needs to be frequent. I've really gone overboard on water protection, having a rucksack liner and cover, as well as various waterproof stuffsacs and bags, but hopefully this means that everything will remain dry.

This list is not exhaustive or complete, there are a few odds and odds, I've missed or forgotten. I've tried to keep things lightweight but not fanatically. It's better to be comfortable and safe, rather than going super light weight and not carrying water proofs, as one group of walkers did, getting caught out on the Pennine Way by freezing conditions. That said, all my clothes are pretty lightweight, but I'm relying on layering and my down pullover if things get very cold.

Lejog Gear List
Item Weight in grams Notes
Cooking and Eating
Water bottles 40 2 x 1 litre plastic bottles
Water bladder 3 litre 86 Hydrapak Seeker
MSR Trailshot water filter 140 Light weight water filter
Burner 124 Koro Alpkit
Wind shield 10 Home made from aluminium baking tray
Gas canister 380 None
Titanium pot 120 900ml with lid (Alpkit)
Titanium cup 62 Alpkit
SnapWire Foon 17 A combined titanium spoon and fork
Cosy (wraps round cooking pot) 31 Home made
Pot holder 28 None
Lighter/striker 27 Jasper from Alpkit
Penknife/multi-tool 64 Swiss army knife Compact/Huntsman
Plastic bottles, Nalgene Travel Kit 64 Used for salt, pepper etc
Total weight for Cooking and Eating 1193
Tent and Sleep System
Sleeping bag 636 Marmot Micron 40
Tent 854 Terra Nova Laser Competition 1
Pegs 120 Probably too many (Check Weight)
Sleeping mat 280 Nordisk Ven 2.5 3/4 length
Base mat 104 Granite Gear XL Featherweight Foam Mat
Pillow 48 Exped (check weight)
Total weight for Tent and Sleep System 2042
Backpack and storage
Backpack 524 Granite Gear
Rain cover 80 Osprey Ultralight Raincover
Chest pouch 95 OMM
Zippity 2 x 1 litre 17 Zippity Granite Gear (check weight)
Zippity 2 x 2.4 litre 24 Zippity Granite Gear (check weight)
Exped Fold Drybags x 3 80 Small, medium and large (check weight)
Sea to Summit Neck Wallet 42 None
Total weight for Backpack and storage 862
Sun glasses 24 Camino Spectron 3 CF Sunglasses
Sun hat 200 Existing one with neck cover
Mid layer 180 Montane Allez Micro Hoodie
Shirt 210 None
Base Layer 208 Icebreaker 200 Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe Top
Belt 42 Rohan belt
Trousers 260 OM
Merino Pants x 2 96 Icebreaker Anatomica Cool-Lite Trunks
Socks x 2 168 Injinji Trail Midweight Socks x 2
Boots 395 Salomen X Ultra 4 Wide Gore-Tex
Beanie 18 OM beanie
Waterproof trousers 185 Berghuas Paclite
Jacket waterproof 212 Haglofs Lims jacket
Merino leggings 199 Icebreaker 200
Down pullover 235 Crux Turbo Top
Gloves 100 Odd pair of gloves that I had CHECK WEIGHT
Total weight for Clothing 2732
Medical and repairs
Medical pack 146 Plasters, pills etc
Tick remover 4 None
Midge mask 22 For use in Scotland
Sewing kit and spares 72 spare laces, gore tex repair, duct tape, guy ropes
Emergency whistle 10 Attached to compass
Small mirror 31 Useful if you have a tick on the face
Total weight for Medical and repairs 285
Washing and cleaning
Travel towel 28 None
Small towel 30 None: CHECK WEIGHT
Toothbrush 10 Wooden vegan toothbrush
Tooth paste 116 75ml
Dr Bonners 18 in 1 163 Organic liquid soap with 18 uses, washing, cleaning, greasing axles etc
Sun cream, lip salve, vaseline and (liquid) soap 163 None
Total weight for Washing and cleaning 510
Phone 0 None
Samsung Tablet 7 inch 714 Tough waterproof used for photos, mapping
Charger 345 Anker Power Core 20000
Fast charger plug 68 Can charge 3 items at once
Various cables x 2 45 For use with charger
Astro 300 Headlamp 75 Weight with 3 batteries
Total weight for Electronics 1247
Odds and sods
Trowel 52 Do what a bear does
Watch 49 Worn
Compass 36 Silva Expedition 4 Compass
Map case 80 Orlieb water proof
Total weight for Odds and sods 217
Total weight carried and worn
Weight in rucksack 7026 Weight in the rucksack
Worn weight 2062 Tablet, clothes,boots etc
Total Weight 9088 Everything (excluding food and water)