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Jay Walking

Lejog: Walking Rules

I've got a few rules that I am going to try and abide by, they are quite simple and more of a way of making sure I have the sort of experience I want. So as follows:

  • No transport to be used, walking every where, the one exception is where boats are required (eg at the start and end of the Cape Wrath Trail).
  • No idle internet browsing, so no social media (not that I am mad about it anyway), no looking at the news, no watching Netflix etc. I spend my life behind a screen and a break is needed, after the last few years I need a break from all the bad news.
  • Only use the internet to search for things related to the walk, such as campsites, routes or things that are required such as maps, guidebooks and equipment.
  • Observe the Country Side Code and the wild camping rules. These wild camping rules vary from person to person but the link gives a good overview.